Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!

Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!

Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!

Camp V Bar Winter Camp


I had a great Christmas break! I was able to attend my very fist winter camp as a scout. I choose to go to Camp V Bar at Salmen Scout Reservation in Mississippi. It was a absolute blast! In fact, I am planning to go back next winter and even work there when I can. 


Dr. Chuck really helped in the planning and made me feel welcome. I camped with Ms. Sabine and Troop 406 from LaPlace, Louisiana. I was a Gumbo unit (we all that provisional in Michigan). I learned to play Skattergoroes (I’m pretty good at it but not as good as Ms. Sabine), I played gaga ball and saw some really cool snakes in the wild (mom said NO MORE PETS could go home…). I also got to meet a new girl troop and their leaders from across the road.

While in Mississippi, I became an LSU fan because it was the playoff games. Our approach was anyone but OSU (who lost to Clemson). There was a really cool tailgate party at camp. I was in a sea of purple and yellow and I learned Tigers, Geaux (Go) Tigers is the correct chant! I still don’t know anything about football, but LSU won that day and everyone was super stoked. (They later won the championship and I was cheering from Michigan.)

I took Railroading merit badge and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship was good and I learned about running a business. We had a guest speaker that talked with us in addition to the counselor. To be honest, I expected railroading to be really boring. I have never given any thought to exactly how things and people move via the railroad system. After taking the class, I am very interested in the trains that I see. I hope to be able to take a trip by train as I do my merit badges across the country.

Camp-V-Bar is huge. There are so many really cool places to hike and see. The staff is all really helpful. The food is all homemade (some of it I have never heard of before; and I can’t understand Chef Ernie very well because of his accent but I love his food!). They only have camp two weeks in the summer, but I would highly recommend you give it a try if you are looking for an amazing place. As for me, I will be there next December… So come see me!!

Dr. Chuck & Me!