Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!

Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!

Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!Earning a BSA Merit Badge in every state!


Public Health


Off to Rhode Island… I never even made it home! Mom dropped dad and I off at the hotel so we could catch an early flight to Rhode Island. We flew into Rhode Island but drove directly to Massachusetts to complete Public Heath Merit Badge. I met with my counselor (Mr. Hutton) at Gillette Stadium. That place was HUGE and he gave me some really nice swag!

I started the pre-req’s before I left Michigan. One of the things I chose to do was visit the Saginaw Wastewater Treatment plant. I expected it to be really gross and stinky, but it wasn’t. I learned about how water is treated, tested and released (I was even able to use that in my science fair project this year!). I learned that the water they release into the river is actually CLEANER than the water that is processed for drinking water… but people don’t want to drink “wastewater” because they “think” it is gross. I also visited the health department. I was able to meet with the person in charge of emergency response for Saginaw County. She helped me look at information on illness/death rates and look at Saginaw’s emergency plans.

I took all of this information with me to Massachusetts. Mr. Hutton and I talked about not only my information, but about how diseases are spread. It is crazy how one person can infect so many other people unknowingly. Something small like the flu spreads easily and can actually kill people. 

We also talked about vaccines. There is a lot of talk in society about whether people should or shouldn’t be vaccine because it “can” cause other issues like Autism. I am not an expert but the information I have seen proves that is not the case. Like my brother says though, I would rather have an autistic kid instead of a dead one. We review my shot record and I didn’t realize how many shots I have had! I am glad that my parents have chosen to protect me and society even if they hurt a little. 

One thing I was very interested in was pollution. We talked about how pollution affects not only what we see but water, air, the ground and all creatures that depend on them. It made me think a little more about complaining about taking the recycling out. If everyone does one small thing each day, we will make huge changes!

Massachusetts was a quick trip but left me with a lot of things to think about.